This poem has been framed and hanging in my kitchen for many, many years.  Before it hung in my kitchen, it graced the walls of my mother and daddy’s home.  In the corner of the framed picture, was a photograph of my older sister and me sitting on the front steps of our home place, holding our puppies.  I never really gave the poem much thought (except for the horrible bangs my sister and I had) while I was growing up.  Even as my children grew up, I couldn’t imagine missing finger stains!  Having three very active boys, teaching eighth graders and having a husband who worked nights, my life was very busy…lots of “toys on the floor and fingerprints on the doors.”

Years later, after my mom and dad had both passed away, my three sisters and I had the sad task of cleaning out their things and dividing up the mementos and keepsakes from their home.  This little faded, print marked picture was one of the few things that called my name as we divvied up our favorite things from their possessions.  I brought it home and eventually, “Retrospect” found it’s forever home on a small but perfect space on my kitchen wall.  At first it was just a reminder of my happy childhood and days gone by.  But one day as I caught a glance of it hanging in its perfect place on my kitchen wall, it hit me.  I suddenly knew, I mean really knew, what it meant.  I  felt its meaning … no more toys on the floor, no more little boys, no more papers to grade, and my house was spic and span.  What was I to do now?  What would fill all of those retirement hours?  Where was my purpose now?  Had my mother ever asked herself these same questions when her 4 daughters left the nest?  Could there be anything that could compare to the joy of being a mother, raising three incredible boys into even more incredible, young men?  Could anything fill my days with fun, creativity, joy, and satisfaction?

You guessed it…I found that elusive creature called a hobby and Phase 2 of my life began… my “weaving life”.  In retrospect, it was the beginning

Until next time…remember…”Every day is a great day to make a joyful noise!”

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