“becoming” – the process of coming to be something- to develop or grow into- any process of change.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being.  It is a direction, not a destination.”  Carl Rogers

I am becoming a weaver!  If the scale of “becoming” is from 1-10, I am still at a 1 or a 2.  But, I am becoming!  That is the great thing about life.(and weaving)   We continue to grow and to change and to develop but everything is still a process.  Many professional, life-long weavers will still admit that they are developing and growing in their craft.  Each new weave structure I learn or any new design I develop is one more tiny step toward “becoming”.   I am grateful every day for the opportunity and the ability to do something I love.

I began weaving in 2013 and in a span of about 9 months I went from a  small rigid heddle loom to a 60″, 8 shaft Toika floor loom. (with 2 other small looms in between) Thus the passion began and grew.  At first, I made scarves for every friend I had.  Then I made them all dish towels.  I made rugs for Christmas gifts and rugs for my husband’s office.  I made  dish towels and rugs for my sons, towels and rugs for myself.  Well, you get the picture!  My boys were the first to let me know that, “Hey, mom, it might be nice to get some cash this Christmas instead of towels”.  I guess for single young men, there are just so many dish towels that one can actually use!  From this revelation came my Etsy store.  I knew I wasn’t going to stop weaving, so I had to find an outlet for my work somewhere else.  In January of 2014 I opened  Joyful Noise Weaving on Etsy and at Etsy, I found a place for  all of my hand wovens to reside until they would find their “forever home”.

Next time I will tell you where I came up with the name Joyful Noise and explain why it means so much to me.

Until then remember…Every day is a great day to make a joyful noise!




My first two scarves woven on my rigid heddle loom.



5 thoughts on “BECOMING A WEAVER

    1. I started with a small Rigid Heddle that sat on my kitchen table. Then I read books and joined a lot of Facebook pages for weavers…there are tons of them! There are even some pages that offer looms for sale etc. From reading your blog (which I love!! soooo fabulous!!) you are a very busy lady so good luck!

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  1. Well, congratulations! My significant other is weaver. She’s pretty new but I am so impressed. And, she started with scarves, tea towels, and mug rugs. So it is highly amusing, you are in the same progression. I now know more about fiber than I ever wanted. We have a studio/den fill of weaving. Looms keep begetting little looms (four). All the best to you.


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