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When one thinks of opening their first store on Etsy, it is a thrilling moment.  You feel several different emotions at the thought of other people actually seeing your work.  Will others like the colors I have chosen?  Will they like the pattern of the rug or the length of the scarf?  Will they feel as if they have a quality product for the price they paid?  These are all thoughts and  questions that I thought about when I began planning my Etsy store.  There were lots of sections to fill out in the application process…your banner photo, your logo, uploading and writing up each product description, your “About” page, your shop policies, and on and on and on.  These were confusing to me at first because computer skills were not one of my strong suits!  With help from my sister, who had already opened a store, I finally got most of the preliminary sections filled in.  Then came the  scary section, “SHOP NAME”.  This was the section that you didn’t want to get wrong!  This was the one blank that needed to be filled in that couldn’t be changed!  This was it!  What did I want people to know about me when they read my shop’s name? What would I feel comfortable saying when I told people the name of my shop?  With so many choices to choose from, how could I pick the perfect choice for me?  I knew it would be helpful if the word “weaving” or “weaver” was in the title but what else?  Choosing my shop name was going to take some careful consideration and a lot of thought.

Let me back up for a moment to a few months before having to make this big decision about  a shop name.   After my selection of looms began to grow and my new Toika loom was on its way from Finland, I had to move my work space from a small bedroom upstairs to a larger space.  Fortunately, we had a full basement that we used for a workout area with a treadmill, some weights, etc and a yoga room.  Because it was almost like a “mother-in-law’s” apartment, it also had a small kitchen and a laundry room and lots of windows and light.  So the move from the tiny bedroom upstairs to a more spacious area downstairs began to take place.  After several weeks of moving and arranging and re-arranging, my studio evolved.  Shelves were full of yarn, looms were in their assigned spaces and a big, empty spot was reserved for the soon to be arriving Toika.

As part of the process of getting to know me, it is important for me to say that my faith and my beliefs as a Christian woman are very important to me.  A major joy in my life is praise and worship music.  Every day I have uplifting, worship songs filling my home and most of the time I am joining in with lots of enthusiasm. (but very little talent!) During the weeks of moving my studio from one floor of my house to another, I always had my Sirius radio on channel 63 “The Message”.    (My love of this music played a big role a while later when the “SHOP NAME”  decision had to be made.)   Before too long, my new studio was up and running and the big, empty space had been filled with my beautiful Toika loom.   I really began to feel at home in my spacious, new work space and it was about this time that the decision to open an Etsy store came about.  One day I was working on my Baby Wolf loom (which has stainless steel heddles and wooden shafts) and my music was playing loudly, my loom was making its “loom noises”,  and at that moment, my heart was full and I felt my life was truly blessed.  I paused during my weaving and sent up a little prayer and said “Thank you, Father for the joyful noise in my life”.   And just like that, in that instant, the BIG question was answered-Joyful Noise Weaving was born!

From that moment, there was never a doubt in my mind as to what my Etsy Shop would be called.   I love filling my studio with the joyful sounds of creativity, productivity, fun, and praise!  Each day is a blessing.  I also try to begin each new day, each new project, and each new beginning with a little prayer of dedication-dedicating it all to the Father. I pray blessings over each house hold that might receive one of my scarves, rugs, towels, afghans, or table runners and ask the Father to bring lots of “Joyful Noise” into each of their homes.

And so Joyful Noise Weaving was born.

The move is complete.


I would love to hear from you.

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