After seeing this quote, my first thought was “Amen and Amen!!”  Our country,(especially during this election season), truly needs a come back of morals and intelligence but I actually was thinking about my latest fun adventure-tie-dyeing!  I know, I know,  tie dyeing is so 60’s but it seems that this is one of those things that seems to be coming back into style. Not too long ago, I dipped my creative toes into the waters of hand-dyeing and I am in the process of creating a line of ice-dyed scarves for my second Etsy store called  JNWcolorcreations.  (Since my original store, Joyful Noise Weaving only contained my hand woven items, I thought that the ice-dyed and the tie-dyed items would need their own store.) Many of the companies that sell the fiber reactive dyes and supplies for ice-dyeing also sold lots of kits and supplies for the old 60’s favorite-tie-dyeing. Interestingly enough, I began to see lots of examples of tie-dyed items popping up on people when I went to the supermarket, the shopping center and even at church.  After doing some research on Etsy, I discovered that tie-dyed items are becoming a big thing right now!  Who knew?  So I am giving it a shot and will eventually put some tie-dyed items in my second store.


I need a little more practice but I’m having lots of fun.  Who knows maybe the “lava lamp” will make a come back too!  Groovy man!


I would love to hear from you.

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