If you have never explored the world of TED Talks, you should definitely check it out.  There are some things that the TED Fellows talk about  that are way above my head and all I can say when reading is… “HUH??  But quite often I will run across some very interesting and enlightening talks.

One such talk came from Candy Chang entitled, “Before I Die I Want To…”

In this talk, Candy shares how, after the death of  someone she loved very much, she began reflecting on life and death and how “brief and tender” life is.  She determined that the two most valuable things we have in our lives are our relationships and our time. So in order to encourage others to realize these valuable commodities she decided to use public spaces in her New Orleans community to bring people together for a shared goal of reflecting on their lives and of their dreams and aspirations.

She took abandoned properties and covered them with chalkboards and then stenciled the fill-in-the-blank sentence, “Before I die I want to______” all over the chalkboard.  Overnight, the side of the building was covered with the personal “want to’s” of her friends and neighbors.

She shares some of the heartfelt statements in her talk, so check out the entire TED Talks video.

After watching this talk, I really began to ask myself that really important question, “If I were to die tomorrow, what is the one thing that I would want to do or become or have before I died?  What would I have truly missed?”  So I did some reflecting and soul-searching of my own. I kind of think of this like a bucket list of sorts. Is there a big long check list of things: places to visit, goals to achieve, possessions to own?  What do I want to do before I die?

I can honestly, I mean sincerely, completely, honestly say, I can only think of one thing.

 Before I die I want to be a grandmother. 

I have two fabulous 30+ year old sons who at the present time do not have a steady “significant other”.  I have a step-daughter who is getting married next year in May.  (I think that’s my best chance in the “near” future so  I hope you read this Quincey!)  🙂  So…if the good Lord is willing and I am allowed to live long enough…I want to spoil grandbabies!!

I don’t want this post to be depressing and sad and morbid  and all dark and stuff!  I found it very interesting to really take the time to ask myself the question and really find the one thing that I would not want to miss out on. Now, what about you?  Think about it and let me know what would be the one thing- the one important thing you would like to do before you die.  Let’s share! 🙂

And remember- Every day is a great day to make a joyful noise!




11 thoughts on ““BEFORE I DIE, I WANT TO…”

  1. Ok, I’m a little embarrassed,,,,, but my very first thought was that I wanted to get all my pictures and albums and keepsakes organized. How shallow is that! But I loved the question…..it made me think more about it and that I need to come up with a more meaningful life goal! Thanks, Bobbie!

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  2. I would want to hug each of my sons and tell them I love them one more time. Both are grown and living in states far away from me. None of us has the funding to go see each other, so it has been too long a time since we were able to just BE together. Everything else is unimportant.

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    1. I am blessed that both my sons and my step daughter live close. But I still don’t get to see them as often as I would like. I will be wishing that you will get to see and hug both of your sons before too long. You’re right- everything else is unimportant- our children are what makes our hearts beat! Sending good thoughts for a reunion in the near future!

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