Believer- Mother-Wife-Retired Teacher-Devoted Weaver.

My name is Barbara and I spent 25 years teaching reading and English to 13 year olds.  I want my next 25 years to be spent creating beautiful hand woven items and loving my family and my life.

When I was much younger and people used to mention “hobbies” I would sometimes ask myself…what are THOSE? To me, every hour of the 24 hour day had a certain and specific amount of things to do within each one and there never seemed to be enough of them…hours that is! Being an eighth grade Language Arts teacher, having 3 boys and a husband that worked nights, I couldn’t imagine having any extra time for those crazy things called hobbies!

Fast forward to grown children, 10 years into retirement and all of those household items on your bucket list you swore you would do when you stopped working (cleaning out drawers and closets, window washing, carpet cleaning, becoming a “better” housekeeper, becoming a gourmet cook) done and redone several times, I finally realized I did have time for that strange and illusive animal called a “hobby”. ( And yes, I do realize that is a very long sentence!)

Thanks to my 3 sisters who were all knitters, I decided to try my hand at knitting and as my mother used to say…that was THAT. So began my love for beautiful yarns and textiles. One day in a local yarn store I saw an advertisement for a Rigid Heddle Weaving Class and after a short 8 hour class…once again-that was THAT!  Within a very few months I had gone from a Cricket Loom to a 60” Toika Countermarch, 8 shaft loom.

When my Toika arrived, I actually unpacked each piece, carried it to my basement and put each part lovingly together. ( I still marvel at the beauty of a well made loom.) With the help of every book I could find, every online resource available, I dove into the wonderful world of “becoming” a weaver.

My basement became my studio and now I spend most of my days reading, planning, warping and weaving and striving to “become”. What a great life!!